Design your venture over the Summer with Bruin Entrepreneurs. Returning in 2024.

About BruinLabs

BruinLabs is a virtual venture initiation summer program run by Bruin Entrepreneurs. Participants will design their own venture and work on making it a success through product development and business savvy with their teams, while also engaging in a series of specialized workshops and panels on early-stage startups. Each group will consist of 3-5 students supported by a Project Manager who will help the participants and act as the team’s guide throughout the 8-week entrepreneurial process. Program dates will be updated on our website when they are available.

2024 Program Details

Bruin Entrepreneurs is excited to bring back BruinLabs 2024 to even more students, including high schoolers! Be sure to subscribe to the Bruin Entrepreneurs newsletter and social channels to be the first to receive updates on when 1000 Pitches is happening! Pitch us an idea relating to the suggested idea tracks below or any innovative idea you have!

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